Papier d’Arménie is a type of Armenian paper that  produces an aroma when burned.  These Papier d’Arménie booklets and this burner are ones of my favorite things I ever got. The box comes with 6 booklets and 3 different scents: La Rose, Tradition & Annee Armenie. I use those around 4 times a week and it … Read more

Water Bottle with Time Markers

I don’t know about you, but one of my resolution for the year to come is to drink more water! This water bottle with time markers is perfect to keep track of my daily fluid.In addition, I love the design and the gold cap.

Marble Laptop Pad

This marble laptop pad is so cute! The design goes perfectly with my home decor. It has a dry-erase surface and it is so useful for writing important reminders throughout the day.It also has a drawer on the side to put pens or other small office items. Since I’m working from home, I use it … Read more

To Do List Notepad

This To-do list notepad has several sections: To Do, To Buy, Don’t Forget, Top Priorities & Notes. It helps organizing my day & week so much more.I couldn’t live without it.

Galaxy Projector

Omg this is the perfect item for cozy home nights! I was so happy when I tried it for the first time. This star/galaxy projector projects wonderful effect of ocean waves & nebulae in 10 different colors (blue, green, white, red, red & blue, blue & green, red & green & blue, red & blue … Read more

Fabric shaver & Lint Remover

Don’t you hate when when your clothes or household furniture look old due to excessive lint? This item is the remedy! This fabric shaver & lint remover woks on all sorts of fabrics like clothes, couches and pillows. It is the best tool when you have a pet & you don’t want his/her hair to … Read more

USB Lighter

If you like candles and you have them all around the house like myself, you need this! It is an electronic lighter that charges through an USB plug. It is so easy to use, all you have to do it click up the button. In my opinion, it is way more safer than using matches … Read more

Tea Kettle

If you like hot tea or coffee, you need this! It’s an electric kettle. All you need to do is fill it with water and press start. I love the halo of blue LED lights that turn on when the water is boiling. The water boils in about three minutes. Also, this white and gold … Read more

Mug Warmer

Once again, if you love hot tea or coffee and you are working from home, you need this! This warmer keeps my drink always hot throughout the day. You just put your drink on top of it and it automatically turns on. The heated plate provides a safe and simple way to maintain the temperature … Read more

Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Probably the best item I got online so far! This large Hollywood Mirror is a perfect item for your make-up desk. The led light bulbs add a vintage Hollywood glamour vibe to your make-up routine. The mirror has smart touch control and you can adjust the brightness and the light color by touching the sensor. … Read more